(Founder of Kyokushin Karate), From 1923 to 1994

Oyama1923   Masutatsu Oyama later to become Kancho of the international Karate Organization, Kyokushinkaikan, was born in south Korea on 27of July.

1925  Mas. Oyama was sent by his parents to his sister’s house in Manchuria.

1936  Mas. Oyama entered primary school in Seoul, Korea, where he started his study of Chinese Kempo. In his 2nd tear he gained Shodan.

1938   Mas. Oyama go to Japan and entered Yamanashi Airways School, Japan.

Studied Karate under Gichin Funakoshi, one of the first three people to bring Karate to Japan.

1940  Mas. Oyama entered Takushoku University. Gained 2 nd Dan ( Black belt ) in Karate.

1945  Started the Eiwa Karate Do Research Institution in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, but 6 th month later it was closed.

1946  Mas. Oyama entered the Physical Department of Waseda University, Tokyo. He visited Eiji Yoshikewa and Shiro Ozaki, two famous writers, to study more about the old Samurai way. Mas. Oyama went to Mount Minobu for training.

1947  Mas. Oyama entered the First All Japan Karate Tournament since the 2 nd world war, in Maruyama Gymnasium, Kyoto and became Champion.

1948  Mas. Oyama decided to devote his life to Karate and did 18 months training alone in Mount Kiyosumi of Chiba, Japan. Prefecture to perfect his techniques and form his Karate way.

1950  Fought against a Bull in Chiba. Acquired a room in an abattoir and trained by killing Bulls. Altogether he Killed 47 Bulls, 4 Dying instantly.

1951  Starting teaching Karate to the US Army stationed in Japan at Camps Zama, Fuchu, Tachikawa, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Yokota and Tokorozawa. Started Training Judo at Sone Dojo, Chibe, Japan.

1952  A Karate Organization in Chicago invited Mas. Oyama to the USA, and over an eleven month period he did 32 Demonstration, taught in various states, and participated in 7 challenge fights.

1953  Traveled to USA again, where he fought with a bull in Chicago and became popular by chopping off Bulls horns breaking.

Oyama 021954  Returned to Japan for 3 months training for a Movie in Boso, Chiba, Japan. Opened his first Karate School ( Dojo ) in a burned out area in Majiro, Tokyo. The instructors were K. Mizushima and E. Yasuda.

1955  A promoter invited Mas. Oyama to USA. He also traveled to South America and Europe fighting against many people. The whisky bottle cut by his bare hand, was highly popular. Fought against a bull in Chicago and Animal friends Club leveled much criticism about this.

1956  Mas. Oyama Karate starting in Okinawa. Mas. Oyama Traveled through South East Asia studying many different styles . The Oyama Karate school (dojo) was started in a small studio behind Rikkyo University. The instructors were K. Misushima, E. Yasuda, M. Ishibashi and T. Minamimoto. The School of karate (Dojo) was the beginning of the Kyokushinkaikan, the beginning of a Karate based on the principle of 1,000 days training as a beginner, 10,000 days of training on top of that, and then a glimpse of the mysteries. Mas. Oyama returned from South East Asia.

1957  Mas. Oyama Traveled to Europe, and USA. He again fought against a Bull in Mexico.

1958  The book “What is Karate” was published becoming the first best seller of a book on Japanese Karate. Mas. Oyama Traveled New York and after returned he went to Hokkaido, Japan, to fight with Bear. The first overseas branch was established in Hawaii under Mr. Bobby Lowe. The F.B.I. in Washington invited Mas. Oyama to teach Karate and show demonstrate. The Westpoint Army School invited him to teach karate.

Oyama 031959  The Hawaiian Tournament was held and Mas. Oyama attended as the Supreme Judge. He also demonstrated at this tournament. The Oyama school (Dojo) Held its first Summer Training School at Ichinomiya, Chiba, Japan. He went to USA and Europe.

1961  Sun Francisco Karate School (Dojo) and the Los Angeles Karate School (Dojo) opened. Mas. Oyama started instructing classes three times a week in the Oyama Karate School (Dojo). The first North American Open Karate Tournament was held in the Madison Square Gardens, New York.

1963 Construction started on the building to become the I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan Headquarter (Honbu) in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

1964  Muai Thai Kick Boxing challenged Japanese Karate, but this challenge was not accepted by the Japanese Karate federation. At this time the Mas. Oyama Karate School (dojo) will accepted this challenged and sent three student to Thailand, Won 2 fights, redeemed the name of Japanese Karate. E/ Sato ( Former Prime Minister of Japan ) who had recently won a Nobel Prize, became the President of the Kyokushinkai Karate Organization, Mas. Oyama became (Kancho) Director. International Karate Organization (I.K.O.) Headquarter (Honbu) was officially opened, and established. The Georgia State University invited Mas. Oyama for teaching Karate.

Toyo Miyatake Studio Rafu Shimpo Collection1965  The first Winter Training Camp was held at Mount Mitsumine. The Book “This is Karate” was published and became known as the Bible of Karate 3,000 pages of preparation notes and 20,000 photos were used for this publication. S. Arneil of Britain achieved the 100 men Fight (KUMITE), the first student of Kyokushin Karate to do so.

1966  K. Kurosaki was sent to Europe to teach Karate. The Book “Dynamic Karate” and Modern Karate was Published. Segero Oyama was sent to USA to teach Karate. The USA I.K.O. was founded. Sean Connery of 007fame came to Japan and received Kyokushin Karate lessons from Mas. Oyama. Segero Oyama achieved the 100 Men Fight (Kumite).

1967  Kato was sent to Australia to teach Karate. Lock Hollander of Holland achieved 100 Men Fight (Kumite). The Book “ Vital Karate “ was published.

1968  S. Ogura was sent to Brazil to teach Karate. The story book “Fighting Travel Around the world” was published. The European I.K.O. was founded. The Middle East I.K.O. was started. Mas. Oyama gave private Lessons to His Majesty the King of Jordan. The South Pacific I.K.O. was founded.

fotooyama41969 The Movie “ Boys Karate “, “ Karate for the Millions” and “ Young Man’s Karate self-defense “ were released. The South African and the South East Asia I.K.O. was started. Y. Matsushima went to South East Asia to teach Karate.

The 1 st Japan Open Karate Tournament was held in Tokyo which attracted Kick Boxing, Judo-Ka, Other stylists karate and a large audience.

1970  “ Karate Class “ and “ Advanced Karate “ were published.

1971  “ For People who Start Karate “ was published. The USA Main Branch was established in Manhattan, New York. N. Kishi was sent to USA to teach Karate.

1972  “ Fighting Spirit” was published. Seiji Isobe was sent to Brazil to teach Karate. Y. Oyama went to USA to teach Karate. The Movie “ Kenka Karate “ was released.

1973  Mas. Oyama visited many branches throughout the world in connection with staging the World Karate Tournament 2 years later. Miuko Miura achieved the 100 men fight (Kumite). The Movie “My Karate Life” was released.

1974  Mas. Oyama demonstrated for Prince Sharam of Iran and awarded the Prince Hon. 2 nd Dan.

1975  The First World Open Karate Tournament was held in Tokyo. 128 competitors attended from 36 countries.  “My Karate Gorin-no-sho” was published.

1976  “ Karate All Round the World “ published. The First World Tournament movie “ The Strongest Karate” was released. “ The Way of Kyokushin” was published. “The Strongest Karate – part 2 “was released.

1977  “ Challenge to the Limits” was published. The English quarterly magazine “ Kyokushin Karate” started. The Japanese monthly magazine “ Power Karate “ started.

1978  “The Godhand “ comic strip started. Mas. Oyama went to Hong Kong. And He gave a grand and important speech in the ancient capital of Nara, Japan. The first European Karate Tournament was held in London. The Malaysian Open Karate Tournament was held.

1979  The 2nd World Open Karate Tournament was held in Nippon Budokan indoor stadium, 62 countries participated, 32,000 spectators followed the event over three days.

1980  Release the book “ The Last Strongest Karate “ concerning the 2nd World open Karate Tournament. The relese of the Second L.P. “ the Essence of Kyokushin Karate – Mas. Oyama`s Philosophy “ under the label of King Records.

1981  The 1 st Asia open karate Tournament was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

1982  Following requests from the Hong Kong, Mr. Mizuguchi and Mr. Oga, under the leadership of Shihan Goda gave Karate exhibition. TBS broadcasted the Kyokushin Karate demonstration. Singapore Kyokushin karate Branch arrange karate demonstration, held in the FAFRA gardens of the Singapore Army.

1983 A welcoming Karate demonstration for the France Navy’s crew of Jean D` Arc. The first Sri Lanka Karate Championships was held. 3,000 people attended a party to celebrate 20 years of Ktokushin Karate and 35 th Wedding ceremony of Sosai Mas. Oyama and Mrs. Oyama. Dec. – “ My Karate Budo Education “ and “ Showa Gorin-no-Sho “ were Published.

1984  The 3 rd World Karate Tournament was held at Nippon Bodokan from 20 th to 23 rd Jan.

1985  The Movi “ The Kyokushin Way “ was released by Shochiku Fuji Co. The 17 th All Japan Karate tournament was held at Tokyo, The Champion Mr. Akiyoshi Matsui. The book “ Kuken-Shikon “ was published.

1986  Jun, Akiyoshi Matsui ( Now he is the Director of the I.K.O.) succeeded in completing the one hundred man Fight ( Kumite ) at Daiei Oizumi Studio in Nerima, Tokyo. He is the 3 rd man to achieve this in the Kyokushin History. The 18 th All Japan Karate Tournament was held at Yoyogi National Stadium, Champion – Akiyoshi Matsui.

1987  Nov. The 4 th World Tournament was held at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, from 6 th to 8 th . the Champion – Akiyoshi Matsui.

1994  April, 21 st to 24 th The 6 th All Asia Karate Tournament was held at Katmandu, Nepal. Akiyoshi Matsui was attended in Tournament. April 26 morning 8.30 am. The God hand Grand Master Sosai Mas. Oyama Past Away. After Mas.Oyama`s death Akiyoshi Matsui ( Shokei Matsui ) became Director of the International Karate Organization (I.K.O), Kyokushinkaikan.